Ferrari 296 GTS NEW

Test drive available

suggested tour HS = Higher Speed DP = Driver Passport included ( as gift )
Short109€ 210
Start1512€ 270
MediumHS2016€ 360
LongHS3032€ 650
MountainHS6065€ 1300
Special PanoramicHS9080€ 1600
Precision (PPT)HSDP120130€ 2350

Options available

Printed picture€ 10 Photoshooting€ 30
360° Video€ 50

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The Ferrari 296 GTS sets a new standard in the world of supercars, flawlessly combining high performance with the joy of driving. Its core is a V6 biturbo engine paired with an electric unit, together unleashing impressive power and offering lightning-fast acceleration, while also ensuring remarkable efficiency. The distinctive sound and the immediate throttle response make the 296 GTS a true feast for the senses.

Technological innovation merges with Italian aesthetics to create a design that is not only pleasing to the eye but also optimizes aerodynamic performance. Every aspect of the 296 GTS is designed to maximize driving pleasure, offering an exhilarating and intuitive driving experience, allowing the driver to fully exploit the dynamic capabilities of this exceptional vehicle.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live the essence of automotive passion: the Ferrari 296 GTS is ready to transform every journey into an unforgettable adventure, where performance meets pure driving enjoyment, in the most perfect Italian style.

Data sheet
EngineV6 - 120° turbo hybrid
Horsepower830 CV
Torque740 Nm a 6.250 giri
Transmission8 Marce doppia Frizione
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h2,9 secondi
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h7,8 secondi
Max speed340 km/h

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