Ferrari California

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The Ferrari California is a GT car type produced from the second half of 2008. California is the first model in the Ferrari range to adopt a coupé-cabrio body, with a removable and foldable metal top. This car also shows a turning point in the history of the horse; in fact it has been conceived and designed to be used as an everyday car; for its versatility and ride comfort, as well as being a convertible coupe, California is one of the best-selling Ferraris of all time. The chassis of the California is modular in aluminum and the structure of the car is characterized by a transaxle scheme, with engine in front / center position (first ever in the history of the Ferrari V8) with rear transmission, which distributes 53% of the weights on the rear . The hardtop is electronic controlled from the passenger compartment by a button, the time for complete opening and closing declared by the house is between 14 and 15 seconds and the weight of the hardtop is lower than all the canvas hoods of the other Ferrari models. The transmission consists of a 7-speed gearbox with rear-wheel drive double clutch, automatic or sequential gearbox with steering wheel controls. An electronic control unit controls the gearbox and is able to recognize and adapt to the driver’s driving style, should you wish for a quieter or more sporty drive.

Data sheet
Horsepower460 CV
Torque755 Nm a 4.750 giri
Transmission7 Marce doppia Frizione
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h3,6 secondi
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h11,2 secondi
Max speed316 km/h

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