Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider

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The F8 TRIBUTO SPIDER is pushed by the most powerful Ferrari V8 ever,able to reach 720 HP; with no turbo lag and a unique sound. The absolute performance is significantly higher than the 488 GTB, thanks to the increase in power, the reduction in weight and the improvement of the aerodynamic coefficient. The exhaust layout has been completely changed. The result is an engine with a unique and unmistakable tone, improved in terms of both intensity and sound quality. The diameter of the steering wheel has been reduced to increase a sporty feeling when driving. F8 TRIBUTO SPIDER fits for complementary use to the special 488 Pista version: both are designed to guarantee the driver maximum driving emotions, but while the latter is more extreme and has a racetrack soul, the first suits all purposes and has a higher level of comfort on board.

Data sheet
EngineV8 - 90° turbo
Horsepower720 CV
Torque770 Nm a 3000 giri
Transmission7 Marce doppia Frizione
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h2,9 secondi
Acceleration 0-200 Km/h7,8 secondi
Max speedoltre 340 km/h

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