Panoramic 90 minutes

Panoramic 90 minutes

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Exciting 90 minutes - 80 Kms tour taking place on the top of the hills nearby Maranello. Astonishing 360° view points of the typical panorama. Ideal tour for families and everyone wanting to take pictures of the modenese landscape. Suiting perfectly to the Ferrari Portofino, it is definitely a tick in your bucket list!

From the Ferrari Museum square you will start your tour, spotting the highlights in Maranello, heading towards the beautiful area surrounding the route. The hills, the ravines and the ancient villages of Castelvetro and Puianello will be the perfect frame for your unique driving experience. The curves, the ups and downs and the straights will follow each other in a crescendo of adrenaline and enthusiasm. You will be free to stop and take pictures of the scenery anytime if you like. When returning in the Ferrari Museum square you can buy the video of yourself and show your friends how beautiful it was to be a pilot for a day.

For this tour you can choose one of the following cars

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